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Rent-A-Handy Hubby’s goal is to take your to-do list and all of its accompanying headaches and make it our own. We will be your handyman, your Mr. Fix-It and your contractor. Whether it’s fixing, replacing, remodeling, or renovating, you can feel secure in the knowledge that our experienced technicians are capable of completing any job; big or small.

"We always strive to ensure that your experience with us is a pleasant one."

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Rent-A-Handy Hubby is pleased to offer our all inclusive home maintenance package. Simply call 438-990-4924 or fill out the estimate request form to take advantage of this fantastic offer!


Introducing Annie & Johnny...

Married homeowners and the parents of two very energetic children.

Annie: Johnny, can you close our bedroom door? The leaking tap in the kitchen is making that annoying drip, drip noise and I can’t fall asleep. And while we’re on the fixing topic, when are you going to close up the hole that John Jr. made when smashed his fist through the bathroom door?

Johnny: I told you weeks ago to call someone and we’ll just pay the guy to get it done! And while you’re at it, can you get him to stick those floor tiles in the basement that I keep tripping over?

Annie: I really don’t have the time or the energy to find a plumber and a tiler and a whatever-you-call-it who can fix the hole in the door. Is a handyman also a plumber? Can the plumber fix the floor tiles? Will a contractor come for such small jobs? Maybe I can ask Julie if she knows someone…

1 minute later

…Johnny, on second thought, maybe if we just close the kitchen door, I won’t hear the tap dripping and then I won’t have to worry about it. I really don’t know who to call or who to trust for all these things.

Johnny: And I’ll just use that old carpet we have to cover up the tiles in the basement. I don’t know any tilers – or anyone else for that matter!

Annie: Good night, Johnny     Johnny: Good night, Annie.

This conversation is all too common in many households and it is for this very reason that Rent-A-Handy Hubby exists. We know that you are busy. We know that in all likelihood family, work and down-time are your top three priorities. We also know that, as much as you would love your home to be maintenance-free, the reality is that there is always something to do.

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