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Rent-A-Handy Hubby is pleased to offer our all inclusive home maintenance package. Simply call 438-990-4924 or fill out the estimate request form to take advantage of this fantastic offer!



Here is what our customers are saying...

"Based on several very positive experiences I write to offer my recommendation of Craig Conway (Rent-A-Handy Hubby) for repairs and renovations. In my experiences with him (replacement of kitchen heater and replastering damaged wall and ceiling), the following aspects of service (many of which are hard to find in the renovation business) impressed me.

Clear and accurate price estimates. Mr. Conway was always clear ahead of time about what work would be done, how many hours it would take, and what factors might significantly change the estimate. He did not, as many contractors do, "strongly suggest" that I undertake additional, but unnecessary work.

Promptness and reliability. In all of the work done, Mr. Conway and his associates arrived on time or phoned ahead if unexpectedly delayed.

Thorough, good-quality work. Mr. Conway is thorough (including cleanup) and uses quality materials. If there are options in terms of material quality, he explains those options clearly....

...the superior quality and reliability that he assures make them entirely worth paying."

- J. Leonard, Mount Royal

"Craig Conway is a one-of-a-kind handyman. Invariably, the competent ones are unapproachable and resent input from the customer. Craig believes in consulting the client and he performs spectacularly meticulous work at very competitive prices. When a job of his is finished, one has a sense of satisfaction because Craig always fully explains his modus operandi. I recommend him highly."

H. Richler, Montreal

"..He was punctual, explained clearly beforehand what needed to be done, and then proceeded to do it. His work was done according to the plan. After the labor was finished, he left the room orderly and neat. His price was reasonable, and the task was concluded on time."

- J. Farkas, Cote St. Luc