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Rent-A-Handy Hubby is pleased to offer our all inclusive home maintenance package. Simply call 438-990-4924 or fill out the estimate request form to take advantage of this fantastic offer!



Handy Tips

Spring checklist

  • Clean furnace filter and humidifier
  • Check attic for roof leaks and signs of mold
  • Examine brickwork for bulging or loose bricks
  • Inspect exterior of house, driveways and walks for cracks and ice damage
  • Check caulking around exterior of windows for air, water leaks and mold
  • Clean & repair gutters
  • Inspect basement or crawl spaces for moisture, water damage or mold
  • Check roof for loose or cracked shingles

Scratched Appliance

For shallow scratches on a copper-tone refrigerator, buy a small bottle of automobile touch-up paint in a matching metallic color and follow application directions.

Mould & mildew stains around bathtub

To remove the mould that grows in the caulking around the bathtub, treat the area with a strong solution of chlorine bleach (2 oz. bleach to a cup of water). Use the bleach solution to remove any black mildew stains from the tile grout too. Apply with a stiff brush.

Removing chewing gum stuck in carpet

After hardening the gum with an ice cube, crush it with pliers and rub it out of the fabric. If any stains remain clean them with rubbing alcohol or a similar cleaning fluid.

Sparkling bathroom tiles

The build up of soap and minerals on ceramic tiles is usually due to a deposit of lime from hard water. This can be dissolved with vinegar and some good old elbow grease.

Keeping the heat in and the cold out

Drafts coming through the duplex outlets & switches located on outside walls is a common problem. Check your local hardware store for special foam plastic gaskets that fit under the face plates of outlets & switches. Unscrew the faceplate, install the gaskets and reinstall the faceplate. One quick and easy way to conserve heat in your home.